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A Lenny Kravitz scene from the anticipated new film “The Hunger Games” and a clip from the upcoming “Dark Tide” featuring real life lovebirds Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have made their online debuts.

Kravitz is seen as stylist Cinna giving advice to Jennifer Lawrence’s character Katniss, a young woman from a post-collapse North America’s District 12 who is forced to compete in the barbaric televised fight to the death known as The Hunger Games.  The film hits theaters on March 23.

Watch the scene below:

A trailer for the deep sea thriller “Dark Tide” was released last month, but the below sneak peak hit the web on Tuesday. Berry plays a shark pro who is haunted by a client’s fatal encounter with a Great White. Her ex-boyfriend, played by her now real-life boyfriend Martinez, convinces her to get back in the water for a job she can’t refuse.

As previously reported, “Dark Tide” will be available On Demand beginning Thursday, March 8, for a total of three weeks before its March 30 premiere in theaters.

Watch the clip below:

Source: EurWeb

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