[image] Lenny Kravitz’s tantalizing style, electric vocals and all around sexiness has us forgetting the singer turned 51 today. Can L.A. was church!!! pic.twitter.com/eW8SXxk5Ph — Lenny Kravitz (@LennyKravitz) May 16, 2015 You Happy Valentine’s Day baby! pic.twitter.com/h3OiDH4Zj7 — Lenny Kravitz (@LennyKravitz) February 14, 2015 Believe it? #regram @zoeisabellakravitz pic.twitter.com/ie8zuZFhMG — Lenny Kravitz (@LennyKravitz) January 29, […]


The Superbowl halftime show just got a little sexier. Candy pop crooner Katy Perry will team with  Lenny Kravitz at Super Bowl XLIX at the Sunday,…

via Huffington Post What’s going on? Not much, just Marvin Gaye’s son expressing his displeasure at the recent news that his father’s life is being turned into a biopic starring Lenny Kravitz. “The producers and directors of this film are very wrong and shameful,” Marvin Gaye III told TMZ. “[They’re] trying to do a film […]

A Lenny Kravitz scene from the anticipated new film “The Hunger Games” and a clip from the upcoming “Dark Tide” featuring real life lovebirds Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have made their online debuts. Kravitz is seen as stylist Cinna giving advice to Jennifer Lawrence’s character Katniss, a young woman from a post-collapse North America’s […]

In celebration of Chanuka (which began December 1st) here’s a list of Black celebrities who are Jewish. We’ll guarantee that there’s at least a few people on this list who you had no idea have Jewish roots. Take a look: RELATED: Obama: “I’m Christian By Choice” Nebraska State Senator Sues God