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Famous sister duo, Mary Mary is signaling that a professional split up could be in the works.

The ladies remain loving sisters, but have given serious thought to throwing in the towel. Appearing on the “Wendy Williams Show,” they said the work sometimes gets a little overwhelming.

“I quit the group probably a week ago,” said Tina. “It gets overwhelming. We have to agree on everything. We have to manage personal and professional, and it just gets hard, but we know that what we have together is greater together than it is apart.”

But they will continue to work together on a different front.

Their new reality series, “Mary Mary” will premiere on WEtv Thursday. The show will capture the sisters living their lives separate and together, dealing with life, marriage, motherhood and career, all at the same time.

“It’s about us being regular. Not how spiritual we are. We’re women first. We’re just normal human beings first,” said Erica, describing the show to Wendy Williams Tuesday.

Some good news: Just after Erica gave birth last year, now sister Tina is unexpectedly pregnant.

“I was not even trying to be pregnant. My last baby was my last baby in my head and in my husband’s head,” said Tina who credits a passionate homecoming for the new addition. “I celebrated being home, and now I’m pregnant.” Source

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