Back to School

FOX NFL analyst Terry Bradshaw is “really upset” because he’s being accused of racism.

When it comes to back to school time for college students, the “name of the save money game” begins with saving money on college textbooks.…

Famous sister duo, Mary Mary is signaling that a professional split up could be in the works.

Friday August 19th 2011 2-6p Central Promise Neighborhood Back to School Rally

Sunday August 14th 2011 10am-2pm Steve Sanders Academy – Free Community Day

Saturday August 13th 2011 10am-4pm East Cleveland – Stop the Violence Basketball Game Location: Martin Luther King Civic Center 14801 Shaw Ave, East Cleveland First 100 kids will receive school supplies

It seems like only yesterday kids were running out of school to begin summer break. Now, our thoughts are turning towards preparing them for the new school year. Already, stores are trying to entice parents with their back to school offers on anything from clothing to stationary. The following tips will allow kids and parents […]

Beginning preschool is exciting for some children and for others, it is an anxiety-filled and stressful event that they have no desire to do whatsoever. One of the biggest differences between the excited child and the one that fears this day is how prepared he or she feels about the event prior to its arrival. […]

In addition to studying and working hard in school, being organized is just as important in order to be successful. Not only is it a good trait to learn now, it will be a valuable asset in adulthood as well, when entering the workforce. With hectic schedules, changing classes and needing different materials for each […]

It’s well-known that the way you perform on a test does not necessarily reflect your intelligence or aptitude. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the mainstream educational system is likely to change their testing habit any time soon. So even though you may not agree with the philosophy of test taking, you’ll still need to do […]

If your child is scared of school, there must be a reason. “Scared of school” is the same concept as feeling fear, and in order to feel fear, there must be a threat of some kind that is affecting your child’s perception of the school environment. There are many reasons why your child may feel […]