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When it comes to back to school time for college students, the “name of the save money game” begins with saving money on college textbooks. Some of the costs of textbooks sometimes rival that of the entire class! So here are some ways to save money on textbooks while you reach for that higher education.

Buy Used

Used books are of course a phrase that stays in the forefront of many college students’ minds. Used books are usually in great shape and usually current. So as soon as you get your syllabus, check out students on campus who have taken the class and are wanting to sell their old books for the course you currently signed up to take. Other places to check are on eBay or Amazon, where you can find many used college textbooks in varying conditions. Also, check out posters that are posted in various places such as student halls and community centers. Sometimes these areas are flooded with posters with used book sales for popular and core college classes. Also, you may be able to negotiate with the seller cause chances are it’s a college student who is looking for quick cash!

Rent Your Books

Places such as Chegg, BookRenter and Barnes & Noble allow college students to rent books. once you decide to rent, make sure you have full knowledge of the shipping charges both to and from your location to ensure you’re getting the best price.

Purchase eBooks

A great way to save money and the environment is to purchase eBook versions of your books, if they are available. Usually, there are no shipping charges, and if you don’t need to print any pages, it’s environmentally friendly.

Try Getting Your Book For Free

I know it sounds crazy, but it may be worth a bit of investigating. Check out the website Flat World Knowledge, for example and and you just might be able to download and view your textbook free of charge. The website cool tool in the fact that it also offers affordable options for audio books and printable books.

Visit Your Campus Library

The campus library may offer a temporary solution to your book needs and if you and several friends are taking the same course, you can perhaps take turns checking out the same book and having group study sessions about the course material.

Use Those Social Networking Skills!

If you are a college student, chances are you have a Twitter or a Facebook account or both. So put out there your needs for books and see what you are able to obtain simply by advertising! If you’re friends with other college students, you might be able to score a deal or a trade on much needed books.

And when you are done with the book or you drop the class, be sure to sell the book. Post your sale at the college itself in an approved area for posters, or go on craigslist or ebay and sell your book. That way you can recoup some of your cost and network with others who may be able to help you out in the future.

Watch the video below for an additional way to save money on college textbooks:

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