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They say you should never mix money with friends, and the latest Mega Millions mix-up is another prime example of why.

A group of Maryland fast food workers decided to pool their cash together, like many employees do, in order to have a better chance at winning the Mega Millions’ $640,000,000. Now, one of the employees has the winning ticket but claims she purchased it separately; not with the group pool. As you expected, the other members are furious.

“We had a group plan, but I went and played by myself. [The ‘winning’ ticket] wasn’t on the group plan,” McDonald’s “winner’’ Mirlande Wilson 37, told The Post on Sunday, insisting she independently bought the winning ticket.

Wilson even called her colleagues at work to spread the good news. Davon Wilson, no relation to Mirlande, recounts the quick phone conversation. Source

“I won! I won!,” she cried, Allen said. “She said, ‘Turn on the news.’ She said she had won. I thought it was a joke or something. She doesn’t seem like a person who’d do this,” he said. To confirm she was telling the truth, Allen went to her house and pounded on the door until she opened.

“These people are going to kill you. It’s not worth your life!” Allen claims he told her. He also claims she responded by saying, “All right! All right! I’ll share, but I can’t find the ticket right now.”

Mirlande Wilson, a Haitian immigrant, was photographed leaving church in the same neighborhood and told reporters that she had the ticket hidden at a secret location and would present it to the lottery officials today (Monday). While, Wilson is all smiles, her co-workers are devastated that she has no intentions of sharing the cash.

“She can’t do this to us!” said Suleiman Osman Husein, a shift manager and one of 15 members in the pool. “We each paid $5. She took everybody’s money!”

Another unidentified man is stating that he was apart of the pool and that Wilson bought the tickets from a 7-Eleven in Milford Mill, where the winning ticket was sold. He also states that the tickets purchased for the pool was stashed at the restaurant in a safe.

A clerk at the 7-Eleven in Milford Mill says that It is believed that a man purchased the winning ticket but reps from the lottery headquarters could not confirm that statement. SOURCE

Is money really the root to all evil ? Should Mirlande share the cash or should keep it all for herself if she actually has the ticket? –Talim Adderly

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