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10 Ways To Go From Girlfriend To Wife

Apr 12, 2012
by HelloBeautifulStaff
If you’ve been wearing that girlfriend tag for a while now and wonder if you’ll ever get to replace it with wifey status, you may want to pay attention to the following:

Be a Woman All Day, Everywhere

Take pride and dignity in your womanhood. Have self respect. I tell women every day that if you don’t respect yourself, then no one in the relationship respects you. You make everyone else respect you, why do you let a man disrespect you? A man shouldn’t even have a choice in whether or not he is going to respect you.

Be Independent

Not just financially, but be an independent thinker overall. Take the time to learn you and what works best for you instead of taking someone else’s advice and forcing yourself into a box. Your core person should not change simply because you are in a relationship. Be independent of your man and have your own life, goals and ambitions.

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