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More than 500 Cleveland teachers were recently laid off.  Now those remaining are being asked to give up some benefits as a recommendation by an independent fact finder.

This is something that’s not going over well.

Cleveland Schools CEO Eric Gordon sat down with me on WUAB 43 Forum this morning to talk about the fact finder’s recommendations that teachers are considering.

According to Gordon, ”Teachers would not be paid for six holidays they currently are now. To reduce professionals days that are built into our calendar. Teachers would not be paid for three mandatory professional days nor would they work them and they would not be paid for three voluntary professional days.”

Tinesha Durrah has three children attending schools in the district, she says, “I believe that it’s bad that they’re cutting things. It doesn’t help the children none whatsoever.”

Other parents agree.

“I don’t think they should be cutting teachers salary or whatever. Not none of their days, holidays or whatever. What they need to do is add a few more teachers,” said Charles James.

But Jim Milan has a different opinion, “As far as I’m concerned the teachers have it made, okay? Work 9-months, off three months. They get all those vacation days. I never had them.”

Teachers in the CMSD are voting through tomorrow as to whether to accept the fact finder’s recommendations. If they vote no there could be a strike and in that situation everybody loses.


Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News

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