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Michael Ealy doesn’t have to say anything to get our attention but we especially love it when he’s saying good things.  When the actor stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk about some of his upcoming roles, he cleared up the persistent rumor that Halle Berry’s “crazy” just because she’s had her share of bad relationships. He also talks about wanting to get married and pressure to have kids, plus I love his noticeable discomfort with some of Charlamagne’s questions and how he keeps it professional.

Here are some of the highlights of the interview:

Is Halle Berry really crazy?

Listen, she’s a good friend of mine. I never felt like she was crazy. Not once.

Thoughts on Reality TV

What bothers me the most about reality shows is the content itself. I think it’s disturbing and I don’t think it’s contributing to the betterment of society in any way. People like to see a train wreck and it speaks volumes about society as a whole but I’m worried abut the children coming up thinking the way to resolve a problem is to grab somebody’s head and start fighting.

On whether he’d like to get married

I would love to do it technically “the right way” if possible. Listen, my parents have been together 43 years so I think that has kind of set a certain mold.

Are your parents ready for grandkids?They’re more than ready. I told them that I can give them grandkids….I can literally give them to them [but] I’m not quite ready. I think it’s important to be responsible.

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