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Queen Latifah has been one of the few hip hop artists who hasn’t remained silent during the drama between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey.  The two got into a big fight on the set of American Idol last week, with Carey alleging that Minaj threatened to shoot her.  Even Nick Cannon jumped in the fray to defend his wife, who he felt was being unfairly attacked.

Nicki has spoken out about the matter, stating that she never threatened to shoot anyone and wondered why Barbara Walters spoke to Carey and not her on the issue.   But no matter what anyone has to say about the matter, the queen has spoken and she feels that Nicki was in the wrong.

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Appearing with Anderson Cooper, Queen Latifah defined the fight to be nothing but “ignorance,” and said that Minaj needs to learn to respect her elders.

The queen isn’t the first older female artist to have problems with Minaj.  Lil Kim has been beefing with Nicki for years, but no one knows about the beef because no one is really paying much attention to Lil Kim anymore.  Nicki thinks that her success has opened the door for female artists, but she probably now feels that it just gets her a few more haters.

You can watch the interview that Queen did with Anderson Cooper (Below)


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