At the Cudell-West Recreation Center off Detroit at West Blvd, huge crowds of voters showed up to cast their ballots; several hundred just within the first several hours.

The day seems to be going smoothly at plenty of polling locations, including Trinity Commons. Further west in Lakewood a few minor problems at Emerson School and Garfield Middle School include jamming scanners and a shortage of pens to fill in the bubbles on the ballots.

“Everybody is scrounging around for a pen. It just seems kind of messy. It seems kind of primitive,” said Pat Cichowicz.

Also in Lakewood at Emerson another problem involved missing ballot stubs. It had several voters upset.

“I got up early this morning and I went to cast my ballot and they’re telling me that my vote is not going to count,” said Laketa Johnson.

Johnson’s vote will count because all problem ballots are put in an auxiliary ballot box. They’re tabulated before the end of the day.  Even so, the Board of Elections says make sure all three ballot pages each have a stub. You can even watch poll workers tear them off before they’re inserted into a scanner.

If you do encounter a problem you can report it to your County Board of Elections. In Cuyahoga County the number to call is 216-443-3200.

Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News

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