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By Babble.com

1. You stop telling the whole truth.

Call this the “lie of omission.” You know what a lie of omission is. You haven’t lied about something going on in your life or something you did, you just haven’t come clean about it, either. Relationship coach Virginia Clark says, “If something is important you need to tell your partner the truth; even if your voice shakes and you’re scared. More often than not the anticipation of [your partner’s] reaction will be worse than the experience itself. When you withhold a truth it’s like you have a “secret” you’re keeping that can’t help but create a sense of distance and separation between you.”

2. You stop being kind.

This is a slippery slope that people fall into when they’re over the “honeymoon phase.” It’s rightfully said that “familiarity breeds contempt,” meaning we hurt the ones closest to us because they’re there!

3. You stop fully listening to your partner.

Many good relationships fall apart because someone wanted to be right rather than happy.

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Mistakes That Can End Our Relationships  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com