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Unfriendly skies: Tension is growing. China recently claimed an air defense zone above the East China Sea. It has been squabbling with Japan for decades over the disputed islands. They are not the only two caught up in the drama. Two unarmed U.S. B-52 bombers recently flew through the area in what the State Department described as a planned military exercise. China has threatened military action. But wait … there’s more.  Japanese and American soldiers are in the region conducting a pre-planned training exercise. In an incident that has not been connected to this, there were two small explosions outside an American base near Tokyo yesterday. Officials found two crude” improvised launch devices,” in the area. Nobody was hurt.


Ready, set, shop!: Some people take this Black Friday thing seriously. Some take it so seriously that they start on Thursday. Take Qiana Roberts from Philadelphia for example. She said she even skipped Thanksgiving dinner with her family to get in line at Target at 8 a.m. yesterday, some 12 hours before the store opened. Yeah, you heard that right, missed Thanksgiving dinner! “It’s hard for me not to go, even when I don’t really need anything,” said Roberts, who has waited in line at either Target or Wal-Mart for seven Black Fridays straight. “Guess, I’m a little addicted.” But Roberts was not alone. By 7:30 that evening, a crowd of about 200 people waited outside for the store to open up. So when you stroll into the store in the middle of the day today, and see empty shelves, you’ll have shopaholics like Roberts to thank.


Tick tock: A moment of truth approaches for President Barack Obama’s signature health care reforms. Tomorrow is the deadline for the website fix. The hope is that the error messages, the delays, the general mayhem users faced since Obamacare was launched on October 1 will be remedied. Will it be fixed? Some experts wonder if November 30 is too soon to fix all the problems. Julie Bataille, spokeswoman for the federal unit in charge of the website rollout , says despite the deadline, they will keep working. And there could still be issues. “There will be times after November 30th whenHealthCare.gov does not function properly,” Bataille says. Stay tuned.

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