Michelle Obama may be on a serious mission in China, but that hasn’t stopped the first lady from serving some amazing spring fashion. On Day 3…

BEIJING (AP) — U.S. first Lady Michelle Obama arrived in China on Thursday for a weeklong visit that will avoid politics and focus on education and people-to-people…

  1. CHINA vs. JAPAN Unfriendly skies: Tension is growing. China recently claimed an air defense zone above the East China Sea. It has been squabbling with…

via CNN Following a day of talks, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Chinese leaders said their two nations would work together to press North Korea to tone down its provocations, amid soaring regional tensions. Speaking to reporters in Beijing, Kerry said both the United States and China are calling on North Korea to […]

via BBC News Google Chairman Eric Schmidt uses a new book to call China an Internet menace that backs cyber-crime for economic and political gain, reports say. The New Digital Age – due for release in April – reportedly brands China “the world’s most active and enthusiastic filterer of information”. China is “the most sophisticated […]

via BBC News A quarter of a million Twitter users have had their accounts hacked in the latest of a string of high-profile internet security breaches. Twitter’s information security director Bob Lord said about 250,000 users’ passwords had been stolen, as well as usernames, emails and other data. Affected users have had passwords invalidated and […]

via BBC News   China has condemned as a “smear” a New York Times report saying Premier Wen Jiabao’s relatives have accumulated billions of dollars. The article said Mr Wen’s family members “have controlled assets worth at least $2.7bn”. A Foreign Ministry spokesman said the report had “ulterior motives”. Both the NYT’s Chinese and English […]

via BBC News President Barack Obama has stopped a Chinese company from building wind turbines in the US state of Oregon, citing national security concerns, his administration said. Ralls Corp, a private Chinese firm, had acquired four wind farm projects near a US naval facility earlier this year. This is the first foreign investment to […]

A Chinese toddler hospitalized after she was hit by a van, run over by another and ignored by passers-by died early Friday. Surveillance video, which went viral earlier tis week, shows 2-year-old Wang Yue being struck and ignored by nearly two dozen people as she lay in the middle of street. The shocking video went viral […]

Several countries are known to carry products with labels that are insensitive and demeaning to people of African descent and China is one of them. These products are becoming more and more noticeable as more African Americans travel to China on business. Nivea Apologizes For Racist “Re-Civilize Yourself” Afro Ad Is This Summer’s Eve Ad […]

via BBC News United States Vice-President Joe Biden, who is visiting China, has said the US would never default on its debt. In a speech on the last day of his visit, he reiterated that China’s large holdings of dollar assets were safe. His trip comes amid mounting tension between the two over America’s debt. […]

Georgetown had to leave the court during the fourth quarter of its exhibition game against the Baiyi Rockets on Thursday night in Beijing after both benches emptied and a wild brawl erupted between the two teams. None of the Hoyas were seriously injured despite trading punches with the opposing players and having to dodge chairs […]