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There’s been a big push to make our streets safer. Mayor Frank Jackson is now calling for the city’s gun laws to get a makeover.

And the United Pastors in Mission, a group of the most prominent black churches in Cleveland, also says enough is enough. The pastors have not come out in support of Jackson’s plans, but they do think something must be done.

Dr. C. Jay Matthews, I, Pastor of the Mount Sinai Church can point to a number of people in the congregation who have been touched by gun violence including the pastor himself.

“My brother was shot and killed and it became a part of my mission to go out and try to work with people to help make a difference,” Matthews told WKYC’s Hilary Golston.

Matthew’s wife Jacquelyn, also a pastor lost her sister to gun violence. “My sister was shot and killed by her husband and it really affected our life. She was 22-years-old,” she said. “She left a young child which my mom raised.”

The ministerial couple has opened its doors over the past 20 years to families who are in need after tragedy.

“Unfortunately over the years we’ve had funeral after funeral of teenagers and persons who were shot and killed in the community and our church was the church that those families came to us to say can we bury our loved one here,” Matthews reported.

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source: Wkyc.com

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