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Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Face Off In First Presidential Debate At Hofstra University

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Oh, Donald. You just can’t let Saturday Night Live get under your skin like this! Anybody presidential enough to take a seat in the Oval Office should also be able to let any SNL digs wash right over them instead of bothering their fragile ego.

But not Donald, nope. He is angry on this beautiful Sunday morning because he thinks the Saturday night sketch show is doing a “hit job” on him. He tweeted (Twitter for Android!) just as much after watching it, and also thinks the Alec Baldwin potrayal is lacking.

First of all, does he not remember he hosted this same “boring and unfunny” show just about a year ago? He probably still has a few insults for Cecily Strong that he didn’t deploy at the time rattling around in his head for a rainy day. Secondly, calling for the cancellation of SNL is probably the most mainstream thing Trump has done in months. That’s just a normal entertainment news cycle Donald, be more creative.

The last part of the tweet shouldn’t be ignored though, as on top of the Alec Baldwin shout out and calls for cancellation Trump also found enough characters in the message to claim once again that the media is rigging the election in Hillary’s favor. If Trump called Lorne Michaels directly and told him that his sketch show was contributing to a rigged election, Lorne would probably say “I’m sorry, you have the wrong number” and then hang up and chuckle into his scotch. That is, if he answered at all.

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