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An FBI report taken from data by local law enforcement offers a detailed look at robberies in Ohio.

According to 2019 records, the most recent year available, robberies committed in Cleveland far outnumber any other city in the state. That year, a reported 1,895 robberies took place in Cleveland, which equates to 49.63 robberies per 10,000 people.

Those figures are almost double the rate in the next highest city. In 2019, East Cleveland had a reported 28.82 robberies per 10,000.

On a national level, The FBI reports robberies have decreased by nearly half over the past 20 years.

There were an estimated 267,988 robberies nationwide in 2019. The estimated number of robberies decreased 4.7 percent from the 2018 estimate and decreased 18.3 percent from the 2015 estimate. The 2019 estimate was down 27.4 percent from the 2010 estimate.

In terms of where robberies are most likely to occur, FBI data reports that 34.3 percent of robbery offenses occurred on streets or highways, 16.7 percent occurred at commercial houses, 15.8 percent occurred at residences, 6.6 percent occurred at convenience stores, 3.0 percent occurred at gas or service stations, 1.4 percent occurred at banks, and 22.2 percent occurred at miscellaneous locations.

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