There are dumb crimes, and then there are... dumber crimes. An 18-year-old Michigan man, Christian Mansoor, was arrested for attempting to pull over an off-duty police officer in Michigan on Monday.

Lauren Little has come forward with accusations of rape at the hands of Matthew Piter, a Cleveland police officer already accused of raping another woman. || RELATED: Wanted Man Shot by Cleveland Police at Steelyard Commons || || RELATED: Cleveland Police Officer Commits Suicide After Fellow Officer Is Killed || It took four years, but […]


From Friday afternoon to Sunday, at least 10 people were killed and another 50 injured in mass shootings across six states.


Names of the victims have not been released to the public, but the shooting occurred around 2:30 a.m. on Buckeye Road near East 89th Street.


The shooting marks another violent incident involving gunfire across the state since the start of the month.

Just before 2 a.m. on Wednesday (June 2), authorities responded to a “shots fired” call at a home in Springfield, Ohio. || RELATED: No Charges In Fatal Police Shooting Of David McAtee, Louisville Protester || || RELATED: DaBaby Questioned By Miami Police In Memorial Day Shooting || Upon arriving to the scene, Lt. Randall Ballentine […]


An FBI report taken from data by local law enforcement offers a detailed look at robberies in Ohio. According to 2019 records, the most recent year available, robberies committed in Cleveland far outnumber any other city in the state. That year, a reported 1,895 robberies took place in Cleveland, which equates to 49.63 robberies per […]


The identity of a woman killed in her driveway April 24 has been confirmed. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner identified the victim of Saturday’s deadly shooting as 48-year-old Rosemary Hill. According to police, Hill and her son had just returned home to the 3500 block of E. 76th St. Responding to a report of the […]

While the average life expectancy for white America is somewhere in the mid-70’s, a new report gathered by Huffington Post shows that only half of young black people expect to live past age 35. Wow, only 35. Thirty-five is when most people have their first or second child. Thirty-five is when most people become financially […]

Makanzee Oldham was hit by a stray bullet while she sat with her father in a car on May 24. She succumbed after spending days on life support.

Pierce did tell the police that he followed the group to their hotel room, but was grabbed by the accuser and two friends who attempted to "pull him in as he was trying to get away."


Jeff Asher, a crime analyst and contributor to, joined Roland Martin on Wednesday's edition of NewsOne Now to discuss Chicago's spike in crime.