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Legendary Cleveland news anchor Wayne Dawson has officially returned to work after taking about a month off after being diagnosed with cancer.

An explosion at a Northeast Ohio chemical plant forced road closures as authorities worked to get the situation under control.

Recreational marijuana in Ohio has been a hot topic for years, and it looks like it could finally be on sale a bit earlier than expected.

A Cedar Point employee was run over in the amusement park's parking lot and police are still looking for the person who did it.

Ohio students may soon have to get used to not having access to their cell phones during school hours.

A woman in India has been accused of throwing her disabled son into a canal known to be filled with crocodiles.

A suspect in Lorain who was being served a warrant by U.S. Marshalls was shot and killed.

Newly Released Body Cam Footage Shows Moment Akron Cop Shoots Black Teen With Fake Gun A 15-year-old boy was recently shot by a police officer in Akron, Ohio. Body cam footage of the shooting has just been released. Tavion Koonce-Williams was shot in the wrist by Officer Ryan Westlake on April 1. The shooting took […]

A 13-year-old girl has been charged with homicide following her mother's death.In Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, police have charged the teenager as an adult for the stabbing death of her mother. 

If anyone tries to tell you that Cleveland doesn't have some of the world's best hospitals, just tell them that we're good enough to fix the Terminator. 

The Cleveland mother who was accused of leaving her toddler at home while she went on vacation just learned her fate.