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Communication is often the underlying reason why many marriages disintegrate. Oftentimes, couples argue and verbally fight and say some of the most emotionally damaging and hurtful words to each other. In lieu of engaging in such negative communication, it would prove extremely beneficial for married couples to continually speak positive, encouraging and empowering words. This genuine communication is not only essential for a healthy marriage but also establishes a great example for children and those individuals in your surroundings. Relationship experts and marriage counselors across the board can attest to the fact that healthy marriages require healthy language based in authentic love for each other.

The following list of positive statements is not an all-inclusive list, but these empowering phrases do represent some of the best that spouses can tell each other:

I appreciate all of the things that you have done and are doing for me. The humble articulation of appreciation to one’s spouse is essential to the sustenance of one’s marriage. Oftentimes, historical and present tasks that are relatively commonplace are taken for granted.  To be sure, every act of love should not require the proverbial “pat on the back.”  But, expressing continual gratitude helps to establish an atmosphere of love and thanksgiving.

You come before our children and my career. Prioritization is imperative within the context of marriage.  Several therapists and counselors have expressed the lack of prioritization as one of primary reasons why marriages dissolve.  It is critical to put your spouse before your children and career in both action and word.

I am glad that I married you. Marriage is an evergreen process that requires constant attention and care.  After a certain amount of years, some marriages become stagnant and devoid of intimacy.  To help keep the fire within your marriage, it is recommended that you express how glad you are to still be married to your spouse and how you look forward to the future.

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