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Tell us why you “Want To Be A Hero” for the child in your life.  

An eighth-grader student at Intermediate School 208 in Bellerose, a suburb of Queens, New York, is in big trouble after selling her classmates marijuana-laced brownies, reports the NYDailyNews.com.

“Duck Behind God, When The Crazy Starts Flying” D (Dodge) U (underdeveloped) C (consciousness) K (kindly) – Iyanla Vanzant Make sure that you are following Elev8 on twitter and chatting with us in facebook. We love hearing from you.

It’s a wrap for Beats By Dre and Monster, because the two companies will sever their relationship when their contract expires at the end of this year. Beats Electronics and Monster Cable Products say there aren’t any hard feelings about the split, but the word is, there is tension. According to reports, both sides think […]

Common and Drake‘s verbal beef has come to t-shirts, and Common’s punchline “You Canada Dry” is spotlighted. Common started the beef with his comments at the end of “Sweet,” and Drake retaliated onstage at during one of his shows. Drake threw more shots at Common on “Stay Schemin” by Rick Ross featuring French Montana, then […]

Romans 15:2-3 tells us, “Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to his edification. For even Christ did not please Himself…” Who is your closest neighbor? Your husband. How can you edify (build, improve) your mate and thereby enhance his self-worth? By discovering–and doing–what pleases him. If you are creative, pleasing your […]

On the red carpet at the Soul Train Awards, the pregnant Erica Campbell (right) of Mary Mary revealed some details about her baby. We now know that Erica has a baby girl on the way, and we also know when her little one is due. Take a look at Erica share the good news in […]

I was in the middle of my Sunday ritual of reading the tech sections of various publications when I came across a story on the New York Times website that discussed the level of effectiveness of classroom software as a means to improve leaning opportunities for youth across the company. I agree that this topic […]

With the death of Steve Jobs shocking not only the technology world, but the world as a whole, several employees here at InteractiveOne decided to take the time out to speak about the impact Jobs had on their lives. In this video, you will hear the heartfelt words of Chief Technology Officer Navarrow Wright, Art […]

Hellobeautiful Editorial Director Leigh Davenport took the time to write about her love for Apple products and on the impact Steve Jobs death had on her. Check out an excerpt from the piece below: Steve Jobs didn’t just create products, he created consumer identities.  Sure, he changed the way we listen to music, chat on […]

A new article on TheGrio by Goldie Taylor talks about the impact that Steve Jobs had on not only her life, but the lives of African Americans as a whole. Taylor talks about her time in Silicon Valley and how his name rang bells wherever she went. Check out the piece below: By the time […]

With the passing of Steve Jobs, many are focusing on the products he’s produced while at Apple and the impact that it has had on billions across the world. But what many are forgetting are the great quotes that Jobs left us with while he was here. Here are the Top 10 Inspirational Steve Jobs […]