PHILADELPHIA– Police are looking for a group of men disguised as women who cashed over $20,000 worth of bad checks.

Houston– Twin brothers who left their 89-year-old mother to die in their home have been charged with murder. Also read: Live-In Girlfriends Unhappier, Have Lower Self-Esteem Than Wives? [STUDY] Edwin Larry Berndt and his brother, Edward Christian Berndt, both 48 were arrested after police found their mother laying face down dead in a night gown.  […]

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania– Police had no trouble identifying a Harrisburg man who was accused of robbing a bank because he provided identification to open a new account prior to crime, authorities say. Tellers told police that Daniel E. Rahynes, 35, started an application, then announced to tellers, he was “actually there to rob the bank”. Rahynes […]

Washington D.C.– A man who posted pictures of the loot he stole on the victim’s Facebook page has pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary in D.C. Superior Court on Tuesday. Rodney Knight also pleaded guilty to carrying a pistol without a license.

Florida — A Florida woman has been arrested for allegedly beating her roommate over Girl Scout cookies. RELATED: Top 9 Black TV Hosts Hersha Howard was arrested this past Sunday after launching a tirade about her Thin Mints at 1 a.m. and ravaging the apartment and her roommates. Howard, who weighs 400 pounds, allegedly chased […]

Philadelphia, PA– A couple in custody for possession of narcotics astounded officers when they found the suspects’ adolescent children in a hotel with drug-filled backpacks. RELATED: 25 reasons we love “Love Jones” Rodney and Senya Saunders were arrested along with 3 others, and police have confiscated 9080 grams of marijuana with a street value of […]

Washington, DC– A serial killer that terrorized northwest Washington two decades ago is asking for a temporary release from confinement to spend a day with his father. In court Tuesday, a defense psychologist testified that Swann Jr. is not a threat and that his psychosis is under control, NBC Washington’s Pat Collins reported. His father testified […]

Michigan– Cortae Diaz Kelly, 17, was arrested after stabbing a girl repeatedly after she allegedly told him that she was pregnant. The girl is intensive care at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital.

Georgia– A 21-year-old Georgia man was arrested after he allegedly fondled himself inside a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant Monday afternoon.

Nebraska– Police are looking for three women involved in a brutal fight that took place on a bus in Lincoln, Neb. One of the women had her two children with her. KOLN’s Cassie Anderson reports on the shocking video.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Denny Olbermiller, an ex-convict who once served 9 years in prison has pleaded guilty to handcuffing his own grandparents, killing them, and raping his grandmother.

PORTLAND, Tenn. – A father in Portland was arrested after police said he let his child play with marijuana. Officers found photos of the incident on his phone.