No intimate touching,  kissing or pre-marital relations is permitted when dating the way God intended it to be. I know what you’re thinking, Sis Rohnesha…


Enitan Bereola, author of  “GENTLEWOMAN: Etiquette for a Lady, from a Gentleman,” joined Roland Martin Tuesday on “NewsOne Now” to explain why he says women are…

A few days ago, a couple of girlfriends and I got together for dinner to catch up, vent and let off some overheated steam. What started off as escapism from our every day battles quickly transformed into a precise focus on those very struggles. ‘Tamika, I want to talk about anything but politics, nothing serious […]

The chances of a Black woman finding a “Good” Black man are extremely slim, according to a study by Best Black Dating Sites.

Researchers at the University of Missouri recently released a study that claims couples receiving government assistance are more prone to divorce. According to the study among couples in the same income bracket, those receiving government assistance experience lower rates of positive bonding, commitment to their spouses and overall satisfaction in their marriages. Dr. Schramm, a […]

A few days ago, I caught another one of the 1,000 specials created by ABC, NBC and CNN about the lack of educated and employed Black men available for Black women, and how the Black family is on the brink of being endangered. Frankly, I’m tired of seeing these specials, although opening up a conversation […]