Child Neglect


Ciarria Johnson is facing two counts of negligent homicide for reportedly leaving her two young children alone at home for hours while she went to…

A Massachusetts mom claims she was tricked by a sick perv posing as a fashion photographer when she forced her 10-year-old daughter to pose nude over an Internet live chat. 41 year old Ann Lussier was hoping to win a $20,000 mommy-daughter modeling contract when she forced her pre-teen daughter to pose in a bikini […]

HOUSTON-Lashwanda Allen was arrested in Houston after police found her passed out with her 1-year-old daughter, allegedly drunk off Four Loko. The New York Post reports: When she awoke, she told police, her one-year-old daughter was holding an empty can and was stumbling around like she was drunk, KTRK reported Police said that the incident […]