In light of recent headline news, of a girl throwing baby puppies into a river and animal cruelty cases such as Michael Vick, there is something you can do to fight animal cruelty. FOX 8is fighting for the cause and they need our help. It is only a click away. Watch here…

A judge removed a juror from a trial in suburban Detroit after the young woman wrote on Facebook that the defendant was guilty. The problem? The trial wasn’t over.

A status update nobody wants to see: Three Colombian teenagers have been killed after their names appeared, along with 97 others, on a multipart “hit list” posted on Facebook, according to multiple international reports.

Facebook photos, posts, and even “pokes” have all got people in trouble with the law. The case of a Florida man, Harry Bruder, 54, suggests you may want to watch who you “friend” as well.

A car that can get on social networks for you. Watch the video here.

Facebook’s alleged revenue for 2009 might come as a colossal relief to those managing the company’s public relations- not least of all because the online giant’s reputation has remained largely unharmed by a spate of murders linked intimately to the Facebook brand name. The latest series of legal proceedings to rely on evidence sourced from […]

Revenue for the world’s biggest social network was close to $800 million in 2009, according to a report from Reuters.

Facebook has responded to a an apparently massive attempt to steal passwords from its users. “There’s another spoofed email going around that claims to be from Facebook and asks you to open an attachment to receive a new password,” read a post on the Facebook Security page. “This email is fake. Delete it from your […]

US troops are to be allowed to use social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook following a review of internet use and security. Defence department officials say the benefits of using social media now outweigh the risks to security. The ruling means that a number of sites blocked by the Pentagon in 2007 – […]

Google plunged into the world of social networking on Tuesday, melding pieces of Facebook and Twitter into a new feature, Google Buzz.