Article By Coach Felicia Scott // EEW Magazine Coaching There’s an old saying that goes, “You can run, but you can’t hide.”  Trust me when I tell you that nothing better describes my relationship with my finances for most of my adult life. In my college years and mid-twenties, I spent money like water trying […]


America's Wealth Coach Deborah Owens stopped by NewsOne Now to discuss how Britain's exit will impact Blacks and the U.S. economy and your pocket.

  EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio – Ohio Auditor of State Dave Yost said East Cleveland is the “worst city in Ohio” when it comes to finances…


Raising a child can cost more than a well-meaning parent can ever imagine. Add in the expense of hobbies and sports, and you may end up with…

“Most people don’t have a money problem. They have a management problem.” Every month, Discover Financial Services takes the pulse of consumer spending. The company polls 500 consumers daily and 8,200 monthly to get snapshots of consumer confidence and spending intentions. In its latest findings, 55 percent of consumers felt that their personal finances were getting […]

New surveys conducted by and Cosmopolitan reveal some surprising differences in men and women’s attitudes about money. According to the surveys, more women than men believe women put too much value on a man’s finances. A large majority of men have a plan for retirement as compared to their female counterparts. While most men and […]

Too many times in family communities across the country—  those who have become comparatively financially successful — are unknowingly volunteered to become the “universal provider” within their family circle. I should stress the word “comparatively” because many times those who are MORE successful within a family are also having their own financial problems. But because […]

Because of the tips I get at my current Factotum-type night gig, I’m often left with more singles than Ichiro Suzuki.

For decades, women have been trying to close the wage gap with men, who still earn more than their female peers with the same level of education. But one group — young, single women with no children — has closed that gap and is pulling ahead of their male counterparts.

CLEVELAND — For people who are struggling to make ends meet, a sudden expense can be devastating, and there are times it can be catastrophic. A growing number of local people are finding themselves in this situation when a loved one dies.   With the cost of a funeral and burial upwards of $5,000, it […]