BROOK PARK, Ohio – Ford has announced a $200 million investment at its factory in Brook Park so it can make the four-cylinder, 2-Liter “EcoBoost”…

Back in June we told you about a Philadelphia mom London Eley (seen above) who wrote on her Facebook status “I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby father”…. (a stack is $1,000 ) well on Monday night the father of her baby, 22-year-old Corey White (in the middle photo) , was shot […]

They’re calling it McDonalds first ever national hiring day. On April 19th they’re looking to hire 50,000 new employees nationwide and a thousand at McDonalds locations around northeast Ohio. McDonalds wouldn’t tell us exactly how much they pay their workers, but just the prospect of a job is attractive to these young people. “It seems […]

McDonald’s said Monday that it is planning a one-day hiring spree of 50,000 new workers on April 19 for its U.S. restaurants. McDonald’s hopes to get across the message, much as Starbucks Corp. has successfully done, that a job with it is not a dead end and can offer solid benefits and long-term career opportunities, which the company […]