EEW Magazine News Center of Concern has premiered “I Am Miriam,” an anti-human trafficking video that will break your heart. It tells the story of a 26-year-old Ethiopian woman who underwent sex trafficking as she sought asylum from violence against her family and herself in her homeland. In addition to the video, a website,, […]

A 34-year-old man was arrested in San Diego, Calif., and charged with the sexual trafficking of a minor during an “incall” at a local hotel, The…

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith along with her husband, producer/actor Will Smith, were on Capitol Hill Tuesday urging Congress to step up the fight against human trafficking and slavery in the United States and across the world. Do You Like this Article? Then Like Us on Facebook. Pinkett-Smith testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that […]

via CNN The suspected manager of a New Delhi brothel where police recently rescued several underage girls has been charged with kidnapping, rape and forcing girls into prostitution, a police officer said Tuesday. One of the girls rescued is 10 years old, said Triveni Acharya, the president of the Mumbai-based Rescue Foundation, an anti-trafficking group […]

The New Yorker has unearthed a horrible secret related to the staffing of military bases in the Middle East. Companies that are contracted by the United States to provide support services to bases in locations like Afghanistan routinely lure women far from their homes to be employees, where they become trapped. After traveling from locations […]

Volunteers are taking to the streets of Miami, Florida, this weekend to provide alternatives for teenage girls working the streets as prostitutes on Super Bowl weekend.