Yandy Smith began her professional career working in the entertainment industry as an Executive Assistant at Violator Management. She took this open door and opportunity…

It looks like Fat Joe‘s 17-year marriage to his wife Lorena Cartegena is over. According to reports, he’s been cheating since his weight loss with a 26-year-old woman from Dubai, and incriminating text messages is how Fat Joe got caught. Where Fat Joe Was Caught Cheating! Mona Scott, the executive producer of “Love & Hip Hop,” […]

Erica Mena, the newest addition to “Love & Hip Hop,” is speaking on why she keeps beefing with Kimbella, and why she beat down her boyfriend. Hear the audio from Erica Mena’s full interview on our sister site iPowerRichmond, and click here to see her video interview. Where Erica Mena Likes To Boogie Down RELATED […]

“Love & Hip Hop” just makes me sad. I watched the marathon this weekend  and all I could do was shake my head with sadness at the lengths these women go to and through. It bothers me to see the measures women go through to be famous or date someone in the industry.  I was driven to write […]

With all the hoopla surrounding a video of Mama Jones (Jim Jones mother) going off on a gas station attendant today, it made me remember that I forgot to discuss Chrissy Lampkin’s proposal.

Did anyone catch ‘Love and Hip Hop’ on Monday night?? All I have to say is, “Jim Jonesdoes not play when it comes to his woman”!. The drama began when aspiring rapper Somaya and Jim Jones’ girlfriend Chrissy got into a huge argument because Chrissy told Jim Jones not to work with Somaya. After the […]