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With all the hoopla surrounding a video of Mama Jones (Jim Jones mother) going off on a gas station attendant today, it made me remember that I forgot to discuss Chrissy Lampkin’s proposal. Earlier today, I watched a clip of Love & Hip Hop star Chrissy Lampkin proposing to Jim Jones and his mother ended up storming out of the room. She was livid that Chrissy didn’t get her blessing beforehand.

Meanwhile, I wasn’t sure about the whole women proposing to men thing, but that entire moment was so cute!!!!! I actually teared up a little… and Jim seemed perfectly fine with it.


In the confessional, he says “They not waiting for guys anymore. They know we will take forever so they are taking matters into their own hands.” Chrissy’s message to women was basically, “Y’all can wait around all day, but I’m gonna get what I want”.

The only problem was, he never really said “yes” o_o

Watch Chrissy’s proposal and Jim Jones reaction below (sidenote: this clip hasn’t aired on TV yet)

Here’s the moment leading up to the proposal. Chrissy lured everyone to the venue by telling them that she had a big announcement to make. She also had planned to put on some type of strip tease before the proposal but changed her mind.

Sidenote: Is Mama Jones trying to get her own show? Let a bish know so I can cancel cable.

Read more: [Video] Jim Jones Reacts To Chrissy’s Proposal **Spoiler** | Necole Bitchie.com

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