Man intimidated students into giving him money. The streets of Athens, Georgia are a little bit safer now that 21-year old Germil Deun Johnson is behind bars. For two days earlier this February, Johnson wreaked havoc, robbing three University of Georgia students and attempting to rob a fourth. But he didn’t use weapons in the […]

Stop introducing dudes to your children as their new potential father. Why does it always have to be, “Lil Stevie, this is Mommy’s friiieeeennnd. We are only friiieeeennnds. He is a really nice guy, I think you will like him. But if you don’t, it’s okay, no pressure. Now I am going to go and fix […]

Judy StarrThese suggestions will help you stand firm in the battle for a strong marriage. To stand firm in the battle for our marriages, we must be prepared. We can never assume that having a good marriage shelters us from temptation. In this age of “anything goes,” the wise woman will purposefully build walls […]

It’s a brutal fact that only 25 percent of baby boomers will be able to afford retirement by age 65, and thousands of them turn 65 everyday.

In Deborah Brown’s family lore, the American South was a place of whites-only water fountains and lynchings under cover of darkness. It was a place black people like her mother had fled.

Cleveland Clinic’s Board of Directors announced Monday that it will end operations at Huron Hospital within 90 days.

Michelle Obama surprised students at Alice Deal Middle School in northwest Washington on May 3.

With all the hoopla surrounding a video of Mama Jones (Jim Jones mother) going off on a gas station attendant today, it made me remember that I forgot to discuss Chrissy Lampkin’s proposal.

With all the havoc that is going on in America and across the world as a backdrop, President Barack Obama will be appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show with his First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Kirk Franklin shut it down and gave DC a spiritually uplifting show on Friday at his album listening event at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden. In return, the local crowd show Kirk how we gets down in DC and gave him something to take back to Texas.

NEW YORK-Rep. Christopher Lee a married Republican Congressman from New York State has had racy pictures and texts that he sent to woman on Craiglist revealed. You can read all about it at Gawker and see other photos. In the pictures, Lee appears in his bathroom taking a pictures with a cell phone camera making […]

We’ve all been waiting for the Tupac story to come out, but it looks like it might be getting put off a little longer than expected. It was announced last summer director Antoine Fuqua will be shooting Tupac’s biopic in September. However, the shooting won’t begin until April. But in the meantime, some changes have […]