NORTH CAROLINA — According a new study by the College Board’s Advocacy & Policy Center, young Black and Hispanic men are heading down a socially downward spiral. The study found that 51 percent of Hispanic males and 45 percent of African American males ages 15-24 will end up unemployed, incarcerated or dead. ABC News Channel […]

Washington — Many juvenile killers are stuck in life for prison for the murder they have committed. But is it right to keep a juvenile in jail for the rest of his life, and not give him or her a chance at redemption? The debate is one that many are passionate about on both sides […]

JACKSON, Miss. — Mississippi corrections officials said a new inmate phone block system has worked so well at the Parchman penitentiary that it will be expanded it to other state prisons.

via cnn   Authorities say a fellow inmate working in the kitchen of a Michigan jail tried to serve a poisoned apple to a serial stabbing suspect after the two had an altercation behind bars. Accused serial stabber Elias Abuelazam never took a bite, Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell said Thursday. But Andre Franklin, 34, […]

DMX was placed in a mental health unit at an Arizona State Prison Complex facility on December 20th.

Oklahoma — Justin Walker is serving a 30-year sentence for the killing of an Oklahoma Sheriff. “Jus N” has a Facebook page. Also, apparently, a Blackberry, a bong, a stash of weed, knives, some booze and other goodies inside his jail cell.

Before T.I. went to the slammer earlier this month, he gave VIBE one of his last interviews. Below are a few excerpts from the cover story, which goes on sale Nov. 30th. Check out behind the scene footage here.

Lil Wayne is a free man. Weezy was released from Riker’s Island this morning, after serving eight months of a one year sentence for a 2007 weapons charge in New York City. Wayne is planning a big concert in Miami November 6th according to Drake. Wayne’s release has even caught the attention of former president, […]

Tiny miraculously pleading Not Guilty to possession charges when you read on… While T.I. kissed the kids and fam goodbye yesterday and checked himself into prison in Arkansas, Tiny went to court to handle her own legal woes.

Once again, let’s say goodbye to our beloved King of the South, T.I. as he checks back into prison.

Tameka “Tiny”  Cottles is in trouble; the District Attorney of LA County has charged her with possession of Ecstasy.

A new study details how African American boys are suspended at double and triple the rates of their white male peers. English language learners who, for years, remain in separate classes, are falling behind their peers and scoring poorly on standardized tests. Disabled students and those with illnesses are also discriminated against because of their […]