Witnesses reported that the student and teacher had argued a few minutes before the shooting, Sulaimaniya Mayor Zana Mohammed Saleh told CNN. He said an investigation was still under way, but the attack did not appear to have any political motivation. Sulaimaniya is in Iraq’s autonomous and relatively secure Kurdish region. In Baghdad, the U.S. […]

West Michigan teacher, Vicki Sleevi, seen below, could find herself in some hot water after breaking up a fight between students with a cup of hot tea. The incident happened at Hastings High School on Tuesday and now police are investigating both the fight and the teacher’s actions. The 15-year-old student says he was in […]

A Florida middle school teacher is facing a battery charge after she threw an assortment of food items back through a drive-thru window following an argument with a McDonald’s employee, according to cops. The incident, which was captured by a restaurant surveillance camera, went down at a McDonald’s in Lakeland. 39 year old Simone Paolercio had ordered […]

An elementary school teacher (not pictured) got so drunk on her lunch break that the principal thought she had suffered a stroke! 51 year old Penny Truman (not pictured) wasn’t banned from teaching despite attempting to teach four and five-year-olds after drinking an entire bottle of wine. Other teachers at the school in leafy Putney, […]

And she looks so sweeet! A teacher in Louisiana lost it the other day and is now in jail after reportedly choking a 6-year-old student! The incident happened on the Louisiana playground where 6-year-old Kiya Rogers was doing something that really got under 65-year-old Mildred Russ’ skin and had her losing any semblance of patience […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Just days into the school year and 19 Action News has discovered a high school teacher is under investigation for having sex with a student. The female teacher works at John Adams High School on Cleveland’s east side. The so-called affair has reportedly been going on for two years. The teacher’s […]

A teacher was arrested and charged with beating a teen with a baseball bat. The Cleveland teacher lives in Akron and that’s where the assault reportedly took place. According to dear old dad, he was trying to protect his daughter from a boy who he says is “bad news.” Friends of Jeff Willis say he was pushed to his […]

According to dear old dad, he was trying to protect his daughter from a boy who he says is “bad news.” Friends of Jeff Willis say he was pushed to his limits. According to a police report Willis told a teenage boy to stay away from his teenage daughter after he caught them in a compromising position.Full Story […]

The officer reported the man was naked and in a location where he could be seen by people driving up to the school.

OMG! 33 year old Tara Driscoll was arrested after police got a copy of a videotape showing her performing sex acts on a 16 year old boy. Police said the boy, a student at Campus Magnet High School in Cambria Heights, Queens, confessed to having sex with Driscoll after being confronted by his mother. Investigators […]

The revelation that more than 80 Atlanta teachers admitted to cheating on state standardized tests–with one group of elementary teachers even holding a “party” after school to change their pupils’ answers by hand–has rocked the education reform movement. But one question has been left unanswered: Why would a teacher resort to cheating in the first place? […]

I recently read a New York Times article that explained the interesting concept of “perceptual learning,” which involves training the mind to memorize patterns rather than just learning concepts straight off. This method is being investigated by a small group of scientists who have evidence that proficiency improves when students in schools are groomed to […]