Everybody knows that the bigger record labels may sign an amazing artist but their project does not always make it to the masses.  There can be many reasons for this.  Either the label was not impressed with the material or they just are not ready to release it.  More often than not, if an artist […]

Reality Television: Real life interaction between real people that is recorded and edited into something that turns out not be real.  Why do we love this nonsense so much?  This will always be a question of the universe.  I make it a point to go into my DVR and record them every week. This boggles […]

What mixtapes are you favorite this year?  Have you been slacking on your mixtape updates and need some advice on which to download?  Never fear!  Here are the top 5 mixtapes in 2011, that YOU need to cop. I have been wanting to put together a collection of my favorite mixtapes released in 2011. It […]

In honor of Drake and his show coming up this weekend, we have put together our top 5 favorite music videos! Check them out and don’t forget to purchase your tickets for the show. Get your Bone & Drake @ the Lake Tickets Here!!! #1. “Find Your Love” #2. “Over” #3. “Say Something” #4. “Best I […]