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Reality Television: Real life interaction between real people that is recorded and edited into something that turns out not be real.  Why do we love this nonsense so much?  This will always be a question of the universe.  I make it a point to go into my DVR and record them every week. This boggles me because I am totally against everything these weirdos do in their shows.  Is it because their glorified nutcase lives make my life look like a piece of cake? I think so.  No matter how many times we try to analyze the reasoning, we still give in to the ratchetness.  The following reality television shows are the most annoying ones that everyone watches… including me.

#1 Jersey Shore

Let’s discuss this absolutely assinine television show for a second. A bunch of horny italian people who all aren’t really italian, living with eachother making fools out of themselves for a measely dollar. Can we talk about what’s wrong with this concept? These people literally lack common sense and we sit around at laugh at it. There is a large possibility that they have disorders of the mental kind yet we marvel at their expense. Some of us actually glorify them as if they have any importance what so ever. This is the most popular reality television show. Probably because they REALLY are this stupid.

#2. Sister Wives

I can honestly say, of all of the “wives” shows this one makes me the most uncomfortable. I can also honestly say that I have one of the most open minds I’ve ever met and I just simply cannot understand having multiple wives and calling it normal. This dude legitimately almost got put in jail for living in Utah and having all these wives. So the entire 1300 people in the family pick up and move off to Vegas where it’s legally “okay”. This is odd. I wonder if he ever thinks “well if the law says it’s bad, I wonder if it’s really bad?” I understand there are other weirdos like him in the universe that think this is okay, I get that. BUT REALLY?! It’s like a cult. He holds church in his home because he doesn’t agree with any other churches in the area. To me…that’s cult activity but whatever! I think this guy is actually a freakish mastermind. He’s gonna have 100 wives and create millions of babies and they are going to take over the world. Get ready!

#3. Basketball Wives

I know we all ask ourselves “Why do I care about the lives of athlete groupies?”. This is a question I REALLY do ask myself. Maybe because the media glorifies them like they are of any type of importance what so ever in this world. Yes, they are important to God because he created them but other than that…nope…noone. They are just like any other gold digger in the world, they’re just decent looking (and sometimes not even that) and in the right place at the right time. I will say Shaunie is a classy lady and I respect her because she was just trying to make a genius buck, which she did. She rarely gets in to any altercations but if she’s so angelic, why does she surround herself with these num nuts?!!! I will not even go there with the other members. And p.s. Basketball Wives LA is stupid. I only watch it so I know what other people are referring to when it’s mentioned. Other than that you cannot possibly 1-up Miami and Tami Roman’s stupidity.

#4. Bad Girls Club

Who saw this one coming? Well, I had to add it because it might be the worst reality tv show ever made. The concept at least. The altercations and interactions are possibly the best. It’s like Real World and Jersey Shore on crack cocaine. All these strangers with identity and daddy issues living under one roof? Pure genius. The viewer always wants to relate and unfortunately many of them can relate to this show. For example, there are a million narcissistic sluts in this world comparable to Natalie Nunn, but she is different! She has taken her talents to hollywood and made herself better by posing nude for magazines and being a wonderful role model for young women. How sweet of her :) I will say I would not let my tweenage daughter watch this show in fear of promiscuity and early alcoholism, but it’s cool for people who already know who they are deep inside to view.

#5. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Well obviously I had to talk about these nutty armenians. We love to hate Kim. I don’t know if it’s because of her sex tape or…okay yes it is.  The chick gets super freaky naughty all for the public to view and then you see her on this series and she acts like the virgin mary. We know you leaked that tape! You don’t gotta lie to kick it, kim! Then she gets married to a douchey white boy. Gosh. I just can’t deal with these people.  I think the thing I am most mad at is the fact that these women are famous because of their father who is now deceased and a sex tape. Those are the two worst reasons to be famous for! Now they make more money than Oprah just for their looks because we all know there’s no depth there.

I suggest all of you to stop procreating as soon as possible (which I doubt will happen because you mimic all of these jive turkeys) because if you think THIS generation is bad, just wait until the next one sprouts up.  Those kids are going to all be satins spawns.  I am not having kids because I will feel completely responsible for entering them into a world full of vanity slaves.  (let me stop being pessimistic) I hope all of your children turn out great!

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