Roland Martin sits down with Tom Joyner to discuss the twelfth year of the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage, charitable giving and the launch of HBCUs Online. WATCH:

Marion Jones was the fastest woman on earth; her name was mentioned among some of the greatest track and field athletes of all time. Jones won five medals at the 2000 Sidney Olympic Games. But it all came crashing down based upon telling a lie to a federal investigation, landing her in prison for six […]

Lisa Raye McCoy is flexing her power and sexy swag to market her newly designed line of jeans, actually created by her. Unlike other celebs, this woman is doing some real work and has had input on the design, material, and structure of the line. The self-titled LisaRaye Collection from PZI will feature jeans that […]

Roland Martin talks with Janell Snowden, Kevin Frazier and Jawn Murray about the lack of African-American representation at this years Oscars, supporting Black filmmakers and the backlash against Tyler Perry. WATCH:

Roland Martin talks with actresses Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Essence Atkins, Tatyana Ali and Wendy Davis about how the First Lady Michelle Obama is constantly criticized for her style and looks as well as why it is difficult for African-American women to get mass media approval. WATCH:

The United Nations moved forward on a no-fly zone resolution in Libya and military action has begun to protect civilians on the ground. Despite international pressure on Gadhafi, President Obama has received a lot of criticism saying that he has not done enough while others believe he has gone too far. The U.S. seems to […]

Roland talks with actress Salli Richardson and director Ava DuVernay via Skype about their brand new movie “I Will Follow.” WATCH:

Roland Martin believes that famous athletes should assist our communities but the real question is what are you prepared to do to make a difference in your neighborhood. WATCH:

The uprising in Egypt tells us that there is still a need for people come together, and utilize their voices to demand change.  Many are critical of the Tea Party. I’ve said I’m critical of some of the things that they talk about. But the reality is what they’re doing – mobilizing and organizing – is absolutely vital […]

It’s amazing how so many fans always want to see players give their all on the field. And, look. I understand that, but you saw the reaction to Jake Cutler. When he chose not to play in the NFC championship game because of a knee injury, you had people condemning him, trashing him for saying […]

Social media played a huge role in the uprising in Egypt. Smokey Fontaine joins Roland Martin on Washington Watch from News One’s New York headquarters via the HP SkyRoom with that story and more. WATCH:

Here at “Washington Watch,” we believe in honoring those African-Americans who bore the burden of injustice and indifference to make life better for us all. In this special tribute, we say “so long and thanks for never giving up.” WATCH: