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My parents are health nuts.  They are two loving, caring parents, but they are constantly in the process of reminding me how to maintain a healthy diet, mindset, and lifestyle.  Over the years they have mailed me numerous health related pamphlets, articles, and quick-lists.  Even though much of the information seems redundant, I usually read through it all anyway.

So here is my attempt to simplify the information that every general health article ever written states by delivering the info in 5 clear bullet points:

  • Eat Nutritious Food – Most of us know what is and is not nutritious for our bodies.  We also know that what tastes good is not always what we should be stuffing our faces with.  The old adage “you are what you eat” could not be any closer to the truth.  If you ignore this step, the rest of the steps on this list will be a waste of your time.
  • Exercise Regularly – Most health professionals seem to think that about 30 minutes of exercise everyday is enough to fulfill this requirement.  The #1 suggested form of exercise is a 30 minute brisk walk outdoors.
  • Do Not Smoke – This should be obvious, yet 1 out of every 5 people still smokes cigarettes on a regular basis.  Don’t smoke, and avoid being around smokers while they smoke.
  • Nurture Your Relationships – Personal relationships are essential to general contentment and satisfaction in life.  Regular interaction with close friends and family is regarded by many mental health professionals as the #1 source of happiness in a human being’s life.
  • Manage Stress – Stress comes in many forms, so make sure you are aware of any personal stress factors that are sitting in the back of your mind.  Don’t put off a task that is stressing you out.  Instead, address the problem head on and resolve it ASAP.

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