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I’m old school, where, the Christian stance on modest, typically goes, women are to cover their bodies as a mark of spiritual integrity. And too much skin was seen as a distraction that garners inappropriate attention, which can cause our beloved brothers in Christ, to stumble, and overshadows our character.

For those who claim the bible says come as you are, it meant come with your burdens and heavy heart.  Now if you are coming to church for the first time and dressing inappropriately like the pics below and that’s all you have, fine, at least you came….. But after some time, you continue to come dressed like that, then, yell your inappropriately dressing needs to be addressed.


Anyhow, the Bible tells us that the Old (older women) ought to teach the young (younger ladies). Years Ago, there was a respect or reverence for the House of the Lord. Nowadays, there’s just no respect. Club wear has become standard church wear. If you go to the court house, the workplace, you act & dress a certain way.

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