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We all spend exorbitant amounts of time, energy and effort at our places of employment, so it can sometimes feel as if we are merely working and paying bills, with little to no fanfare from our employers or family.

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Feeling under appreciated in any facet of your life can cause havoc on your spirit and daily being. As nobody likes to put their full time and effort into jobs and careers without being positively acknowledged, here are a couple of ways employers can make their employees feel appreciated at work.

1. Be Courteous

This includes the language and tone supervisors and bosses use to manage employees, common courtesies such as saying “thank you,” and also being considerate of employees’ time, especially personal time. Even saying “Good Morning” to employees shows a sign of courtesy that may go a long way.

2. Keep Your Word

I was once promised a promotion, new office, new staff members, etc. at a former law firm. Once those promises never materialized, I started to become jaded. Once the firm owner brought on another attorney to take the position I was promised, I checked out of that job. That law firm is no longer in business.

3. Recognize Employees on a Personal Level

Handwritten thank you notes, holiday and birthday gifts or acknowledgments, as well as asking about their children shows that you have some form of interest in them as a person outside of the day to day work duties.

4. Give the Gift of Early Dismissals, Half Days or Days Off

I have never heard more beautiful words at work than when a supervisor or managing partner came to my office and said, “Rashida, go home. You can have the rest of the day off.” Yes Gawd! Nothing says morale like granting your employees free time.

5. Understand and Be Compassionate of Family Matters

My family comes first over everything, period! Being responsible for others’ well being is no easy task. Having an employer who understand this and does not give you a hard time for needing flexible time or days off to tend to family issues shows that they not only care about you, but also care about your family.

6. Offer promotions, raises and bonuses

Nothing says your job and boss appreciate you and your work efforts more than extra money!


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