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Debra Peek-Haynes, wife of Dr. Frederick D. Haynes lll, Senior Pastor of Friendship at West Baptist Church, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss her new book and share how holistic nutrition and healthy living helped her overcome infertility.

Peek-Haynes, the author of Debra Peek-Haynes’ Healing Kitchen: The Beginners Guide to Healthy Livingsuffered from infertility until she was led to visit a holistic physician, Dr. Jewel Pookrumwho “changed her mind” and her diet. Dr. Pookrum is a Ph.D, but practices medicine through “treating the whole person” and identifying when someone is “nutritionally deficient,” Peek-Haynes said.

According to the author of Healing Kitchen, “nutritionally deficient” means your cells are not getting the nutrients that it needs so that your body operates properly. Peek-Haynes said Dr. Pookrum examined a sample of her cells under a microscope and exclaimed, “Oh, girl, you eat too much chicken and all this bacteria is swimming around.”

After her visit with Dr. Pookrum, Peek-Haynes received a book-list detailing how to alter her diet, which gave her the information that she shares with others to help them reclaim their health.

Upon following Pookrum’s “prescription” of reading the books, changing her diet, performing a cleanse, and ingesting herbs, Peek-Haynes said her body “responded within two months.” She continued, “My cycle started again and then within a year, I was pregnant. I had an extra healthy pregnancy — 25 pounds, I lost it in three weeks because I was on a micro-biotic diet.”

She added, “What really helped me is — it helped me understand that anything can be addressed if you change your mind and you change your diet.”

Prior to this, her menstrual cycle had stopped and several physicians were unable to help Peek-Haynes with infertility.

Watch Roland Martin, Debra Peek-Haynes, and the News One Now panel discuss Peek-Haynes’ book, Healing Kitchen: The Beginners Guide to Healthy Livingin the video clip above.

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