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Relationships: Family gathers for dinner at grandma's house.

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Many things are transferred generationally- health, wealth, and genetic predispositions to name a few. But one generational blessing that carries an even greater weight is the honor of a good name. When you hear someone’s name, you either associate them negatively or positively based on their actions and character. Certain family names bear shame, while others carry honor. Our actions, not just our words, reveal whether our name is honorable and consistent with a godly lifestyle. Our integrity in keeping God’s word determines whether we receive the generational blessings God wants for us.

One thing that we know about God from the scriptures is that He’s a family guy– when He finds someone who will honor relationship with Him, He sets up a covenant with that individual and in the very next breath starts laying out a plan and purpose for their seed for generations to come. As long as that person remained loyal to God, God honored His end of the deal. Two examples of this principle are the lives of Saul and David.

Take a look at Saul’s life: When the prophet Samuel told Saul that he would be the first king of Israel, Saul had everything going for him…on the outside. He was handsome, very handsome actually, but his actions would reveal issues of the heart that the entire nation of Israel struggled with—faithfulness, loyalty, and integrity. When the people of Israel demanded a king, God said that they rejected Him and would rather have a temperamental, carnal man’s leadership over His. Wow. Even then, God warned them that the king they demanded would make them his servants, send their sons to war, cause their daughters to labor, plus tax everything that they had. Yet and still, the people persisted in having a king. Sadly, no sooner than Saul took office, each situation that came his way would become an object lesson exposing the heart of this leader.

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Daily Devotional: “Choosing A Good Name”  was originally published on praisecleveland.com

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