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Herschel Walker Rallies Supporters As Georgia Senate Race Goes To A Runoff Election

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) (R) campaigns for Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker at a rally at The Mill on Etowahon November 10, 2022 in Canton, Georgia. | Source: Megan Varner / Getty

Listen, we all know that President Joe Biden is the political world’s grand emperor of gaffes. The man lives with his foot in his mouth. It’s just who he is. And it’s fine to make fun of him for it.

Unless you’re a Republican. Well, scratch that. It would be fine if Republicans just had a laugh and moved on as long as Biden wasn’t saying something too egregious like telling Black people “you ain’t Black” if you like Donald Trump. Instead, Republicans feel the need to attack every slip of the tongue to suggest Biden is unfit for office. At the same time, they readily rally behind Herschel Walker in spite of his own constant boners. (See what we did there?)

For example, recently, Biden began his trip to Southeast Asia and mistakenly thanked the “prime minister of Columbia,” rather than Cambodia, for chairing a major summit.

It was a simple mix-up of countries that sound similar. But to let MAGA world tell it, Biden brought on gaffe-mageddon, and now the very fate of the U.S. hangs in the verbal typo balance.

I’m sure they were equally pressed when Biden mistakenly said America is “the greatest country in the United States.”

Wait, my bad—that was Herschel Walker.

But certainly, conservatives feared Biden had taken a dip into the sea of senility when he referred to critical race theory as “CTR,” which would be the initials for “critical theory race.”

Damn, sorry, that was also Walker.

OK, fine. But there’s no doubt that Biden proved how unfit he is for the presidency when he revealed he doesn’t understand grade school-level grammar as it pertains to what pronouns are.

No. Don’t tell me. Not again.


Besides the fact that the last president before Biden was arguably less articulate than Walker and spent his entire time in the Oval Office mumble-rapping for white supremacy and showing off his abject inability to string two coherent thoughts together, conservatives show their hypocrisy when they pretend Biden should be disqualified for misspeaking while supporting the Georgia congressional candidate who doubles as an unintentional Mushmouth impersonator.

Not that having an air-tight grasp of the English language should be a prerequisite for running for office, I’m just saying we need to be consistent here.

Sometimes people say the wrong thing. Barack Obama once said he visited “57 states.” George W. Bush once confused Iraq with Ukraine. (Two countries that don’t sound remotely similar, unlike Columbia and Cambodia.)

It’s fun to laugh at, but ultimately trivial. But if you’re going to make a big deal of it, you have to keep that same energy for anti-intellectual gaffe machines like Walker. You just have to.


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