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Kid Cudi has never hidden the fact that he is a proud native of Cleveland, Ohio, and he’s making sure certain people speaking about his life never forget that fact. The rapper and actor had sharp words for Rich Paul, who claimed that the 216 doesn’t regard Kid Cudi as one of their own.

The artist born Scott Mescudi took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to hit back at Rich Paul saying that Cleveland doesn’t show up for Cudder. Paul was a guest on the BS With Jake Paul show to discuss the finer points of his career, growing up in Ohio, working with LeBron James, sports agent talk, and more.

In the chat, the pair, who both hail from Cleveland as well, directed the conversation to the idea that the city and Cudi are at odds. Jake Paul posed a question about how Cudi seemingly treats the city without citing any real examples, prompting Rich Paul to say that the city never embraced him, adding, “You can’t expect somebody to treat a situation any different than how they were treated.”

JP then made mention of a moment between him and Cudi where he asked the rapper to come perform during one of his boxing match walkouts in their hometown and the fee was too high for the popular YouTuber. JP felt that Cudi should’ve put on for the city and fostered some goodwill.

The response from Kid Cudi can be viewed below:

Rich Paul doesn’t know me. He doesn’t know my life. My mom lives in Cleveland and Ive been goin there on holidays and summer breaks for years. Mostly when im in Cleveland, its family time. Im not throwin events in the city cuz its already too hot for me in the city. When im there I like the chill. Im not hangin at Cleveland clubs or in the streets or whatever the f*ck else u expect me to do. Oh I get it, was I suppose to catch a couple Browns or Cavs games? Im the most lowkey guy around. You aint suppose to see me brother. Thats number 1. Number 2: I will say the city of Cleveland has embraced me over the years. So I disagree. Radio in Cleveland might not play my sh*t, but I had 20k people at Moon Man’s Landing in Cleveland last year. A success. And were doin it again too. Not only does the city embrace me, I make most people in that city and the state of Ohio proud. Everytime I record a record I mention the city. Thats all day. Everybody that listens to my music knows Im proud of where im from. And 3rd, as far as Jake Paul, listen chief, Im an artist. A real one. I make art for a living. Im not some guy that comes out to perform at boxing matches. I entertained it tho cuz it was u, and tho it went against what I stand for I submitted a fee. My fee is my fee. Especially for some sh*t thats not my style. If im gonna do it its gonna be worth it for my pockets and time. This is business baby. Im not these other rappin ass n*ggas that will show up for a lil check. U came to me u shoulda knew what time it was young man. U dont know me either to say im anything broski. So theres that. Ok, these are my thoughts.

Check out the 17-minute mark of the video below to see the Kid Cudi portion of the conversation.

Photo: Ron Schwane / Getty

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