If you’ve seen thephrase “Ghetto Until proven fashionable”, you probably nod emphatically in agreement, screenshot it for later use, and let out a guttural sound of agreement as you think about all of the things that were normal fashion and beauty practices in your families growing up that are now on runways and glossy fashion magazines decades later. Good. That’s exactly what Naresha Willis, owner and designer of AVNU had in mind.

Somewhat of a pioneer in the space, Essie Michelle learned how to attract an audience that didn’t exist and how to identify and create content that resonated with them, both skills that were about to become handy in not only her influencer life, but her corporate life as well.

Fashion and beauty are some of the most creative fields around, but rarely do we recognize the women behind the looks we love on runways, websites, and the 'gram. Here we salute five Black women whose creative expression in these areas inspires us all in our 2020 Create Class.

Brandee Evans was born to play Mercedes, the veteran stripper at The Pynk in Starz’s newest hit series, P-Valley.

Ms. Kit SoVain entered the entertainment industry similarly to the way she moves through life; deliberately and with charm. When she was chosen for the role of Brand Ambassador for Harlem's newest premiere tattoo shop, Black Ink 125th, VH1 knew they had a winning season on their hands with their newest addition.

Social media users were mourning the death and celebrating the life of Patrice O'Neal on what would have been the comedian's 51st birthday.

The beloved actress who helped create a Black cultural classic with the movie "B.A.P.S" died on Monday.

Can Lil Wayne releasing new music make his fans and critics forget he supported Donald Trump? Social media users are conflicted.

Beyoncé was snubbed the last time she was nominated for nine Grammys in 2017. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.

One X, in collaboration with Facebook, gives viewers an up-close and personal look at “Sonic Boom Of The South” -- known as Jackson State University's marching band -- which stars in the first of a 10-episode series about HBCU band culture that features students and faculty members. 

This Facebook Watch series goes behind the scenes of the Jackson State University marching band "the Sonic Boom of the South."

Spike Lee's "Drop Squad" movie was released 26 years ago, but it is more relevant than ever for the state of Black America.