Security will be on hand on certain days and nights at the Chicago location to monitor those purchasing the alcohol.   CHICAGO – The first…


  AVON LAKE, Ohio–A Lorain County father of two is outraged after he said a popular restaurant served his nine-year-old son alcohol. The father, who…

According to a new World Health Organization (WHO) report, dangerous alcohol consumption was responsible for 3.3 million deaths worldwide in 2012. “This actually translates into…

Booze and binge drinking — it’s the stuff hip hop videos are made of, along with a disproportionate number of advertisements African-American youth are exposed…

Several employees of a Detroit-area military defense contractor are accused of smoking marijuana during breaks. Tower Defense and Aerospace company officials say 17 workers are under suspension “pending discharge.” It comes after WJBK television in Detroit aired video allegedly showing employees smoking marijuana cigarettes while on a break.The video also shows the workers drinking alcohol. The company […]

Martin Silver, the owner of Georgi Vodka — the largest vodka brand in New York state — is calling for the liquor industry and bars around the nation to engage in a 30-day boycott to teach Sean “Diddy” Combs a lesson after Combs attacked a man for not drinking his Ciroc brand of vodka. A […]

PORTLAND — According to witnesses, Robert Vietze peed on an 11-year-old child while intoxicated during a flight from Portland, Oregon to New York City. 18-year old Robert Vietze of South Warren, Vermont was on a red eye flight from Portland, Oregon, the New York Post reports. UPDATE: Robert “Sandy” Vietze is among the 75 most […]

In a very honest “Behind The Music” piece, Mary J. Blige speaks candidly about her life. Having gone through many struggles, including growing up in the projects, alcohol abuse and much more, Mary J. has an epic story to tell. Read full story here: Get More: Behind The Music, Reality TV Shows, Reality TV Shows 6 […]

Los Angeles — The happy ending may have to wait. Ted Williams, the golden-voiced homeless man discovered last week, became an overnight sensation and scored a job offer to get him off the streets.

  via Police conducted a New Year’s search of a “bar” in Alliance that was operating without a liquor license. The action resulted in the arrest of the alleged operator and 16 underage patrons found to have been drinking alcohol. According to the Alliance Police Department’s Facebook page, detectives searched the alleged “nightclub” at […]

Alcohol ranks “most harmful” among a list of 20 drugs — beating out crack and heroin — according to study results released by a British medical journal.

Via:   A drink or two may lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a new study shows. The study monitored over 30,000 adults between the ages of 20 and 70 who did not have diabetes. The study was conducted over a 10-year span. Moderate drinkers were found to have a lower risk of developing […]