INDIANA– A man who has a tattoo of Mitt Romney on his face is having a change of heart. At first, he told WBND that…

WTF! This is so crazy! Check out this video of the Pastor’s sidejawwwwn going crazy! Amy Winehouse Ft. Nas “Like Smoke” [NEW MUSIC] CHRIS BROWN TAKES IT DOWN IN CLEVELAND [FAME TOUR VIDEO] Bow Wow, T-Pain & Tyga At Chris Brown FAME Tour [PHOTOS & VIDEO] Kanye West Performs ‘Runaway’ On Tour, Gets Choked Up […]

Okay! Now we’ve all heard of women who try to trap men by getting pregnant, but to go as far as to impregnate HERSELF!? You know it’s coming…wait for it…wait for it…C’MON SON!! WTH? This has got to be the most bizarre case for a child support order on record. He not only unwhittingly fathered […]

A search is underway for a woman missing from Cleveland’s east side. Bernadette Daniels was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia and she has not had her medication in 2 1/2 months.   She lives with her family on Imperial Drive. She was last seen wearing blue jeans, blue and white tennis shoes, and a black leather jacket. Courtesy Of  WOIO.COM […]

There is a new dance craze in the south called the Chicken Wing… WTF!?!