via CNN President Barack Obama waded into the growing national controversy of the killing of an unarmed black teenager in Florida, saying the nation should do some “soul-searching to figure out how something like this happens.” “I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate […]

As we get ready for the NBA All Star Weekend, we take a look back at some of the hot men who took part in last year’s festivities: Source: HelloBeautiful

As we get ready for the NBA All Star Weekend, here are some of the hot  men who will take part in this year’s festivities in Orlando, Florida. Source: HelloBeautiful

SMDH! A Florida man who tried to set his estranged wife ablaze wound up getting burned. Badly. Matthew Wong’s failed attempt to torch his spouse began when he ambushed Gloria Davis on Monday as she emerged from her apartment complex in suburban Tampa — and tried to douse her with gasoline, investigators said. “Help me! […]

A 14-year-old Florida student who hugged his friend was suspended as a result of his middle school’s zero-tolerance no-hugging policy. WTH! Nick Martinez said he gave a quick hug to his best friend, a female student, between classes. The public display of affection was spotted by the principal of Palm Bay’s Southwest Middle School, 74 miles southeast […]

Orange County, Fla. authorities have charged four teens after they allegedly assaulted a 77-year-old grandma and held a 6th grader at gun point over an X-Box Police say the crooks forced their way into the home and forced victim Trevor Bailey to hand over money and his X-Box. Bailey’s older sister, who heard the commotion […]

via CNN Before Saturday, a Florida teenager who sent or received nude photos or video could have been charged with a felony and forced to register as a sex offender. But a new law, recognizing the proliferation of cell phones and computers, eases the penalties for “sexting” infractions. A first offense is punishable by eight […]

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain won Florida’s straw poll Saturday with 37.1 percent of the vote. Cain upset Texas Gov. Rick Perry,  thought by many to be the Republican frontrunner, who came in second with 15.4 percent. The mock election run by the state party capped a three-day convention where Cain and former Santorum appeared […]

via BBC News Georgia businessman Herman Cain has won a surprise victory in a Republican presidential straw poll in Florida. Mr Cain secured 37% of the vote, beating Texas Governor Rick Perry (15%), the current frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination. The result is seen as a further blow to Gov Perry, who struggled in […]

OAKLAND PARK, Fla. (TheGrio)– Five sisters face criminal charges after a brawl aboard a school bus in South Florida. According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, the fight began when an 11-year-old girl got into a fight with another girl at a bus stop Sept. 7. Read More Here

After 57 years serving as the voice of Tampa’s Black community, WTMP is firing its staff and starting a new format. As of Friday, the station is programmed by Davidson Media Group, a company known largely for Hispanic-centered radio. The Syndicated Tom Joyner Show, one of the most popular radio shows among Black listeners nationwide, along […]

Ninety-eight percent of Florida’s welfare applicants passed a new mandatory drug screening that was implemented by the state. Florida Gov. Rick Scott said in June that it is “unfair for Florida taxpayers to subsidize drug addiction,” drawing criticism from the ACLU and numerous Democrats who see the law as unconstitutional. Contrary to Scott’s assumptions, most […]