BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. — In a Florida school district roofers, painters, and grass cutters were paid at least $59,000, which is more than the salaries of teachers with over ten years of experience. ALSO READ: Alica Keys To Direct Lifetime Movie About Cancer For years, the district refused calls from school activists to reconsider what […]

via CNN The ocean floor off the Florida Keys never seems to stop giving. Diver Bill Burt with Mel Fisher’s Treasures was looking for a section of the sunken Spanish galleon, Nuestra Senora de Atocha, this week. Instead, he came across a 40- inch gold chain shimmering on the sandy ocean floor about 30 miles from Key West. […]

TAMPA-Because of his 1.2 GPA, 15-year-old James Mond has been forced by his mother to stand on street corners with a sign that says “Honk If I Need An Education.” Florida mother publicly humiliates son over grades: RELATED STORIES School Sued For Punishing Students Over MySpace Pictures Mom Charged For Picture Of Toddler Duct […]

Florida– In 1970, Barney Brown was a 15-year old who was convicted of rape and robbery, and sentenced to life in prison. Thirty-eight years later he was exonerated. Wrongly jailed for 38 years, Brown has a message for today’s young people: Never give up hope.

FLORIDA-Antonio D. Drayton has been charged with the murder of Saleha Huuda a University of Florida cheerleader. An accomplice, Cassandra Kimbrough, was also charged in her death. Drayton and Huuda had been romantically linked and Drayton had been accused by battering Huuda but she dropped the charges. The Florida Independent Alligator reports: Drayton and Kimbrough […]

Delray Beach, Florida– David Michael Muringer, a Florida man was arrested after driving for four hours with the dead body of a 40-year-old woman.  Muringer told detectives that the woman died from a night of wild sex gone wrong.

  Police say Samuel Davis (left) hired Ismael Ortiz to burn down a house in Brevard County. Davis is still at large. via Orlando Sentinel Police arrested a suspect in an arsonist-for-hire in Titusville after they said he made a critical mistake — he left the tip of his finger at the scene of the […]

FLORIDA-Fox News Cynthia Colston was arrested in Delton, Florida for calling 911 after getting into an altercation with a nail technician regarding the quality of her manicure. Woman arrested for calling 911 to complain about manicure: RELATED STORIES Homeless Man Arrested For Calling 911 From Hot Tub And Asking For Hug Woman Calls 911 […]

A fight broke about between the Miami Caliente and Tampa Bay Breeze during Friday nights game. Two players were suspended and a coach from Tampa Bay was fired. RELATED STORIES NYPD Brawl With High School Students Caught On Tape Mike Epps’ Detroit Brawl With Paparazzi Is Caught On Tape

FORT LAUDERDALE –Sheldon Gonzales said he was asleep on his couch Tuesday night when he was suddenly “awakened by a burning sensation in the crotch of his pants,” according to a report from the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Gunman Opens Fire At School Board; Spray Paints “V For Vendetta” Symbol On Wall

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Forty-four (44) Cleveland Municipal School District students from Michael R. White School will be attending the NASA Commemorative Final Shuttle Launch of Discovery STS-133, in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The students and their principal, Dessie Sanders, will be leaving on Sunday, October 31, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. via bus. The Shuttle Launch […]