Echoes of the past erupted at the University of Mississippi on Tuesday night, as racial slurs were hurled among hundreds of students who gathered at the student union to protest the re-election of President Barack Obama.

Two protesters were tossed out of a rally for President Barack Obama in Cincinnati Sunday after they interrupted his speech by shouting from the bleachers.

You know you really hate somebody when you use their face to wipe your….assets. Certain firemen are using President Obama as toilet paper.

Something tells us President Obama is on his way back to the White House for a second term.

After Colin Powell endorsed President Obama, people attacked him for only making the decision because Obama's black.

In a somber moment, President Barack Obama finally discusses the war-zone level violence in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, where over 400 murders had occurred by the end of September.

Suppose that white person voted for Obama four years ago and thinks the president doesn't deserve a second term because he's done a poor job? Was the person not a racist in 2008, but morphed into one in 2012?

President Barack Obama’s sarcastic remark the other night during the 3rd presidential debate caught the attention of Bayonet Inc.

One cable provider certainly looks like it has a vendetta against the president.

An official campaign video that compares voting for President Barack Obama to a girl losing her virginity has provoked an angry reaction from conservatives.

You could say the righties now have another BS reason to not like President Barack Obama.

So what is the big October Surprise that Donald Trump has up his sleeve that would change the election and bring down President Barack Obama? Nada.