Well it aint President Obama! In another Oprah first, the media mogul has chosen a man to join her on the cover of her O magazine…Dr. Mehmet Oz!

Now that’s just disrespectful! A top Russian newscaster was fired after she apparently gave the finger to President Obama during a live newscast. Video of the incident went viral not only in Russia but around the world. The video shows Tatyana Limanova mentioning the name Barack Obama and then extending her middle finger. Watch the […]

Celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon to help get President Barack Obama get reelected. New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony (pictured) is among several former and current NBA players who will be participating in a basketball fundraiser for the president. Since there is no season coming up anytime soon, NBA stars are coming together for a different […]

Susan Page of USA Today is reporting that President Obama’s re-election campaign launches an initiative this week aimed at rekindling the connection with younger voters that helped fuel his 2008 campaign. The outreach effort, called “Greater Together,” will tap Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites and target students on college campuses in key states, […]

Open your eyes: this is the revolution. Yesterday, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives spent an entire legislative session debating a hollow abortion bill.

President Obama is conducting a White House news conference to discuss his jobs bill and other issues important to the American people: RELATED: A few changes? Senate Dems rewrite Obama Jobs Bill

A fast-food restaurant in Beijing called Obama Fried Chicken was derided in America yesterday as a racist rip-off. Its sign shows a grinning caricature of President Obama’s head on a skinny version of Colonel Sanders’ body. Below it, written in Chinese, is the slogan: “We’re so cool, aren’t we?” “It’s insulting, offensive and plays to […]

President Obama’s approval rating is at an all-time low as concerns for his re-election grow. With a bad economy and an even worse job market, morale in the “Yes We Can” believers has taken a big hit in the past three years. Even though there are now more women serving on the Supreme Court than […]

COLUMBUS, OH (WOIO) – COLUMBUS – President Obama spent time in Columbus Tuesday talking about the bipartisan proposals to grow the economy and create jobs. As part of his trip, Mr. President visited the Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School in Columbus to highlight his American Jobs Act proposal to put workers back on the job by rebuilding and […]

A recent Gallup poll showed African-American support for President Barack Obama is at 84 percent. The number, although high, ties the president’s lowest marks among blacks since he took office. Thursday night, President Obama laid out his plan for turning the nation’s unemployment crisis around — the American Jobs Act. TheGrio’s Todd Johnson watched the […]

How do you feel about President Obama’s Jobs Act speech?

Via MediaMatters September 05, 2011 4:55 pm ET by Matt Gertz Right-wing bloggers misled by dishonest Fox News video editing are attacking Teamsters President James Hoffa, Jr. for supposedly urging violence against Tea Party activists during a Labor Day speech. Conservatives are also attacking President Obama, who appeared at the event, for “sanctioning violence against […]